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Unfortunately not. Our pilots are fully licensed and have lodged hundreds of hours flight time honing their flying skills. Plus the drones are expensive!

Yes we have public liability insurance insuring that we are fully insured for any eventualities.

We will collect a large amount of video footage which will be supplied to you on a USB stick for you to pass to a videographer to include in a finished video edit.

No. This isan example of the type of Drone Querstion we aerent overlly interested in answering because to be honest, a drone is no different to purchasing a car, motorcycle, a Television or an SLR camera… there are thosuanmds of options in a marketplace that is increasing its offerings on a daily basis and often the drone for you will be one made after a period of trial and error, the reading of hundreds of reviews and many, many hours of online research. However, we will be craeting full testimonial reviews for each of our drones so feel free to take a look and see if it answers your drone questions.

Besides our drone pilot licenses, our background is in the plumbing, heating, construction and security industries. Our staff hold a variety of skills and qualifications and include a fully licensed domestic and commericla gas heating engineer with over 35 years experience in the trade and a former Police Detective, so it is safe to say we know what we are talking about.

drop us an email or pop over a quick phonecall. Discuss your requirements or just explain the problem and let us develop the solution.

Have you gone and dreamt up a series of super original Drone Questions for us? As long as they are relevant i.e we are not here to help you decide on which drone you should personally purchase, we will be happy to help. Head over to the contact page or drop us an email at chat@dronevue.co.uk

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